A La Carte Items

  • Extra edited images– $40/each

Quantity discounts will be applied as follows:

1-5 images – Regular price
6-15 images – 15% Off
16-30 images – 20% Off
30+ images – 50% Off

  • Extra B & W images– $10/each
  • Artistic Editing of images– $15/each
    (Includes add-on elements such as fairy wings, fireworks, glitter, bubbles, angel wings, bokeh lights and others; as well as body retouching techniques)
  • Composite/Fine Art Images– $50-$100 per image to be discussed on a case by case basis
  • Prints, Canvas, Gallery Wraps can be ordered directly from your final gallery.

High Quality Albums

  • GoBook– a timeless piece sure to impress! Book lays flat, has thick pages and continuous binding. Photographic printing in lustre matte format. Front panel in matte laminated photographic paper, with spine and back available in 40 different colors. Includes an elegant box with transparent plexiglass lid with closure assured by 4 sets of magnets, and a satin ribbon for easy opening. The box can be customized in 40 different color options as well. The box protects your album while also allowing you to display the album standing, as in a frame, in your favorite spot of the house.

8×8, 8×12, 12×8 or 9.5×9.5 sizes, 20 sides (10 pages)   $450.00

9.5×13, 13×9.5, 12×12 sizes, 20 sides (10 pages)          $550.00

  • BabyBook– ideal to display those first images that you’ll treasure forever, in a classic, elegantly designed book catered for baby photographs. Book lays flat, has thick pages and continuous binding, with satin ribbon for easy opening. Photographic printing on lustre matte paper, white board lining, color print cover available in 29 different colors. Includes a box in matte color of your choice, enriched by an elegant lamination making it charming to the sight and velvety to the touch.

8×8, 20 sides (10 pages)                               $250.00

8×12, 12×8, 9.5×9.5, 20 sides (10 pages)       $400.00

Additional Pages: $10.00 each

Extra book copies: 10% off Regular price

Other customizations to your album are available and quoted upon request.